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Carmen Cereceda painting

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Rare painting on canvas by famous Chilean painter and acclaim university Art professor Ms. Carmen Cereceda dated 1979. She is responsible for our entering the Toronto art community and the introduction into the close circle of the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual circle.

"1978 John Peowrie, a Toronto writer had commissioned a painting from her , and he felt Alma’s works would impress the world-renowned mural painter, whose studio lay in the center of the Toronto art community, on Markham Street.   She was an intellectual and a professor of art at the Ontario College of Art.   She was a spiritual being, committed to the path of her master Kirpal Singh ."

"Her special talent and care for mural art was further developed while living in Mexico and working as an assistant to Diego Rivera while living with the maestro and Frida Khalo. Carmen completed Modern Mural studies in Mexico, with Jose Gutierrez."

A Biography of Carmen Cereceda

by Wendy Oke

Created by Adart